The Founder and CEO

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The Customer Care Giver

Michele has a long experience in the fashion industry. He and his team in Italy takes carefull care of our cutomers in Europe. He acts as a lieason between the resuests of our customers and our team in Asia, and he is never tired to find new ideas and solution to the customers’s requests.
He loves to travel overseas to work with the suppliers, our local teams and to do research.

TELEPHONE: +.+39 0731 211010


The Chaosbender

Samantha, is the Business Manager of The Single q. She is very confident with design and product development.

She comes from a journey of 18 years previous experience in Hong Kong and China. Her experience includes a position in the luxury brand Celine where she was exposed to the requirements of the luxury segment. She brings to the team and to our customers her passion for product and her long experience in the field of sourcing and supply chain management. Her expertise in leather goods and understanding of the customer brand feeling is an important asset for the customers that have been working with us.

She is smart, creative and efficient. She joined The Single q. in 2007 and now she coordinates with her team up 90% of the projects in the company.

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The Rational Mind

Vincent   is in charge of quality control of all products, fabric and materials which The Single q. deals with and constantly coordinates and guides factories and customers alike in issues of compliance.

He’s reliable, methodic and hard working: he follows all stages of production and he’s confident with problem solving..

His experienced comes from over 6 years in factories, and 3 years in the luxury segment working for Celine in Hong Kong.  He joined  The Single q. in 2008 and he hopes to grow up with company together. Just before joining The Single q, he completed his MBA Degree.

TELEPHONE: 852-51001973/27877038


The Calculator

Jenny follows up office administration, shipping and accounting: she deals with banking documents, import and export documentation and procedures, forwarders negotiations and office routines.

Jenny has worked in this field for over 20 years and her experience come from banks and import and export companies.
She is hard working, consistent and patient; in her free time she likes to watch overseas movies and dramas.

TELEPHONE: 852-977276933 / 27877095


The Man on the Ground

Steve is the General Manager of our workshop, q. Industries. He is responsible of factory management, bags manufactory. His expertise comes from University where he attended Bachelor of Science of Textile Chemistry and later from different jobs in chemical and textile companies.

He’s pro-active, responsible and full of energy, he’s very good in colorist and costing calculation.


The rising Star

Sunny works in product merchandising and follows up the process of production and procurements in q. Industries. She’s very young and full of energy and passion for the product.

She is responsible, studious and friendly, in the free time she likes to read and play sport.


The Master Philosopher

His experience in high-quality handbags and personal leather goods starts in 1952 working for a leather company in Florence, Italy.
At that time most of the work was done manually and Mario learned every aspect of leather working at the bench of the masters.
After living 10 years in USA, in 2005 he took his skills to the other side of the world, to the exploding economies of the Orient where his skills and priceless expertise are deeply needed.

Mario provides at The Single q. all his expertise in high-end leather goods, attention to details and passion.
After 56 years in the business Mario is still in love with it.


Itr is based in China and constantly and relentlessly makes sur that the products and developed and produced according to the standards and quality parameters set forth by our Customers.
They are our eyes, our arms and our hearth in each supplier in China. They coordinate and report with our Central Quality Team on a dayli basis.