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Most services or trading companies will list what they do, but seldom take the time to understand what is the best fit between who they are and what YOU really want.
They will assure you of what they are good at but once in, chances are that a poor fit with their strengths or a reality check on their weaknesses, will result in a high level of frustration.

Coming from many of these experiences (we too have been customers), we have decided to spend a lot of time thinking about our Present and Potential customers in an exercise to define the best fit between who we are and what our customers want and need.

Our work, experience and value are the result of 20 years in the field. We bring the result of what we have developed into through years of experience. Who we are is also what we know and who we know, and the value of being able to select and manage for you the right source.

Our strength is the ability to understand our customers, anticipate their requests and proactively present ideas fitting their brand.

But the most important thing is that we love product, we understand it, and we know how to develop it with the right balance of beauty, compliance, quality and price.


TSQ was born to bridge the gap between what is and what will be needed as brands evolve into their next evolutionary stage
AND between the past experience and new expectations towards sourcing as they will change in the next 10 years.

Its founder Stefano Mangini was born in Italy.
After University in Florence he moved to New York where he completed his studies and got his Bachelor and his first job in the fashion industry.
From there life took him to live in several cities in the USA, India and China (where he lived 5 years in Shanghai).
After gaining his MBA degree from Bocconi Business School in Milan, he moved to Hong Kong to take a position as an executive for a leading brand of the Louis Vuitton Group before venturing into the creation of his own company.
In Stefano’s heart, the passion for exploring, creating and photography reflects his way of  never being tired of discovering what the world is and what lies beyond.
Having lived in Asia since 1995, he has been witness of China’s evolution and its impact on the rest of the world. Today Hong Kong is for him an important gateway to  the region and a platform to act as a bridge for Chinese customers as well as European ones.

“ It’s definitely an exciting historical period to be in China. This is a time of change and a pivot point for the world balance, whose impact on our life styles and way to do business will mark the next 50 years. It’s the place to be, to express our potential and shape our future.”

Stefano has traveled to over 40 countries and 250 cities and has written and cooperated on several books:

Books published by Stefano
Time Stamps, The forgotten China, Restless Travellers Publishing
China to Italy by motorcycle: The Story and Photo books, Restless Travellers Publishing

Books cooperation by Stefano
Produrre e distribuire moda, Sergio Fintoni, Polimoda libri, Franco Angeli

To learn more about Stefano’s passion for traveling and photography, visit: